Who was Hairy Bob?

Hairy Bob’s Cave is a hole in the rock, approximately a metre deep, at the foot of the Castle.

It has no geological merit; non of the grandiose attributes of the natural caverns of North Yorkshire and one wonders why such an insignificant man-made artifice is the source of such interest.

It’s origins and purpose are shrouded in mystery. It is clearly man-made. But who made it and why?

Who was Hairy Bob?

Some say that Hairy Bob was a rather weak, ineffectual fellow, subject to the tirades of a virago of Bob’s wife and that the cave was chiselled out by him as a sanctuary from her wrath. Perhaps she told him to find a hole and crawl in it!

Another theory is that it was chiselled out by a local schoolboy who subsequently went on to become verger at St. Mary’s Parish Church.

Yet a further theory is that the original Hairy Bob’s Cave was little more than a hole in the ground, a little to the left of the present shelter, and that this is now filled and marked only by a pile of stones.