Hairy Bobs Cave

Scarborough Castle, The Rotunda Museum and many other attractions are of interest to the curious tourist and those with more academic interest in the history of this famous town of Scarborough but an insignificant hole in the rock has been the source of myth and legend to local townsfolk for over a hundred years, known by them as Hairy Bobs Cave.

Hairy Bobs Cave Close-up 2007

Hairy Bobs Cave Close-up 2007

It maybe a little harder to find nowadays and more action is going on around it. Only few years back it overlooked the pitch and putt golf course with only a few people walking past it.

Now there is the Hairy Bobs Skate Park built with the “cave” perched above with its small but climbable path. Its is still in situ where it always has been perched.

It maybe a little hard to find for the first time Scarborough visitor but once seen, its location will never be forgotten.

Have a walk up to it. Climb inside. There is no entrance fee and the kids are taken instantly with it. Its a bit small but can act just as good as any “Wendy House”.  It is a shame the council cannot put a small garden around it. Maybe one day it will become a “Grade 1” listed building as I am sure there are other listed building without half the character!